Welcome to the website of the Advanced Controls Research Laboratory (ACRL) in the Mechanical Science and Engineering Department at the University of Illinois. In the ACRL, we focus on open problems in mathematical control theory and we work with collaborators from industry and government laboratories on the transition of our solutions, to the extent possible, to real-world engineering problems.

Our work often involves interdisciplinary collaborations with other departments at University of Illinois and other universities in the US and Europe. We also intensively work with various industries and government agencies to facilitate the quick transition of our basic research results to application owners.

Learn more about our work in the ACRL here or in our Research page.

Recent News

Bilal and Javier Work Together to Crack Coordinated Flight

July 22, 2015
AI Javier Puig Navarro and Bilal Mehdi have been featured on NASA's Autonomy Incubator blog! Read full article...

Can UAVs help fight fires? ACRL is working to find it out!

June 23, 2015
drone Working with the Illinois Fire Service Institute, Prof. Hovakimyan’s group performed flight tests last week to find out how Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technologies can help firefighters. It is expected that an integrated UAV technology will reduce the time of the mission, number of required resources (including personnel), and will reduce firefighters risk by preventing man
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Fantastic News Piece on Dr. Hovakimyan from Engineering Communications Office

May 18, 2015
Slideshow Default "Out of Cold War's end, Hovakimyan has emerged as a leading voice in flight control safety' Read full article...

Focal Point grant awarded for NICER Robotics Project.

May 11, 2015
Slideshow Default Congratulations to Thiago Marinho! As PI Thiago was awarded the Focal Point Grant for the NICER Robotics Project by the Graduate College of Engineering. Read full article...

Congratulations to Professor Hovakimyan and Venanzio Cichella for their awards

April 28, 2015
Slideshow Default ACRL PhD student Venanzio Cichella has won the Ross J. Martin Award for outstanding research achievement. The award recognizes a graduate student in the College of Engineering whose work meets the ideals of Ross Martin, a faculty member of the college for 40 years, 26 of which he served as associate dean and director of
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Dr. Hovakimyan interviewed by WCIA 3 News.

April 10, 2015
WCIA-3-Logo-Straight 'Technology could help make flying safer'. News report from WCIA 3 6pm News interviews Dr. Hovakimyan. Read full article...

ACRL’s Adaptive Flight Control in the press

April 2, 2015
Slideshow Default The predictable, reliable, repeatable, and safe flight control system from professor Naira Hovakimyan and her research team has drawn attention from the press. Read full article...

Hovakimyan to direct new Intelligent Robotics Lab

March 31, 2015
Slideshow Default New CSL Intelligent Robotics Lab will study UAV and robots interaction with humans. Read full article...

Flight control breakthrough could lead to safer air travel

March 20, 2015
News L1 Adaptive Flight Control System has been featured in the College Of Engineering Website! Read full article...

‘Can I get the L1 ON please?’ – said the pilot

March 13, 2015
header_upsetrecovery A short film from inside the Learjet Aircraft during the L1 manned flight test shows the pilot asking for the L1 Adaptive Controller to be turned on so he could execute the task. Read full article...