Stochastic Systems with Communication Constraints

Recent progress in communication technologies and their use in feedback control systems motivate to look deeper into the interplay of control and communication in the closed-loop feedback architecture. Among several research directions on this topic, a great deal of attention has been given to the fundamental limitations of feedback control in the presence of communication constraints. Our work considers continuous-time systems in the presence of limited information and quantifies Bode-like performance limitations for this class of systems in terms of mutual information rates. We also provide extension of Bode-like integrals to switched discrete-time systems. The results obtained so far led to new opportunities for optimal estimation over Gaussian channels with noiseless feedback.

Selected publications:

  1. Li, D. and Hovakimyan, N., “Bode-like Integral for Continuous-Time Closed-Loop Systems in the Presence of Limited Information,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (in review) [pdf]
  2. Li, D. and Hovakimyan, N., “Bode-Like Integral for Stochastic Switched Systems in the Presence of Limited Information,” Automatica (in review) [pdf]
  3. Li, D. and Hovakimyan, N., “Optimal State Estimation Over Gaussian Channels with Noiseless Feedback,” in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Orlando, FL, 2011. [pdf]


Naira Hovakimyan nhovakim (at) illinois (dot) edu