L1 Adaptive Control Theory: Guaranteed Robustness with Fast Adaptation

Time-Critical Cooperative Control of Autonomous Air Vehicles

Book Reviews

Reviews of the book L1 Adaptive Control Theory: Guaranteed Robustness with Fast Adaptation by N. Hovakimyan and C. Cao appeared in several magazines and journals:

  • American Mathematical Society by Bożenna Pasik-Duncan [pdf]
  • IEEE Control Systems Magazine by Frank L. Lewis [pdf]
  • AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics (Vol. 34, No. 4, July–August 2011) by Lena Valavani [pdf]
  • Zentralblatt (MATH 1214) by A. Świerniak [pdf]

Book Errata

Errata for the first printing of the book L1 Adaptive Control Theory: Guaranteed Robustness with Fast Adaptation by N. Hovakimyan and C. Cao can be downloaded here.

Thesis Download

Ph.D. Thesis

  1. Resilient Estimation and Safe Control for Cyber-Physical Systems Author: Wenbin Wan. Year:2022. Download: pdf.
  2. Modeling and Trajectory Planning for Acoustically Aware Aircraft with Propeller Phase Control Author: Andrew Patterson. Year: 2021. Download: pdf.
  3. L1 Adaptive Control Flight Testing and Extension to Nonlinear Reference Systems with Unmatched Uncertainty Author: Kasey Ackerman. Year: 2021. Download: pdf.
  4. Efficient Risk-Averse Algorithms for Air-Ground Payload Transfers Author: Gabriel Barsi Haberfeld. Year: 2021. Download: pdf.
  5. Safe Planning and Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems via L1 Adaptive Control and Contraction Analysis Author: Arun Lakshmanan. Download: pdf.
  6. Distributed Time-Critical Coordination Strategies for Multiple UAS in Cluttered Environments Author: Javier Puig-Navarro. Year: 2021. Download: pdf.
  7. Learning-based crop management optimization using multi-stream convolutional neural networks Author: Alexandre Barbosa Year: 2020 Download: pdf.
  8. L1 adaptive control within Learn-to-Fly Author: Snyder, Steven. Year: 2019 Download: pdf.
  9. Aircraft loss-of-control prevention via backup flight control law design and flight envelope protection Author: Sun, Donglei. Year: 2019. Download: pdf.
  10. Bio-inspired vision-based evasion control: collision avoidance without distance measurement Author: Marinho, Thiago.  Year: 2019. Download: pdf.
  11. Path planning and control of flying robots with account of human’s safety perception Author: Yoon, Hyung Jin. Year:2019. Download: pdf.
  12. Robust adaptive sampled-data control design for MIMO systems: applications in cyber-physical security Author: Jafarnejadsani, Hamidreza Year: 2018. Download: pdf.
  13. Cooperative autonomous systems: motion planning and coordinated tracking control for multi-vehicle missions Author: Cichella, Venanzio Year: 2018. Download: pdf.
  14. Collision avoidance for multi-vehicle cooperative missions Author: Mehdi, Syed Bilal Year: 2017. Download: pdf.
  15. L1 adaptive control for nonlinear and non-square multivariable systems Author: Lee, Hanmin. Year: 2017. Download: pdf.
  16. Distributed cooperative trajectory generation for multiple autonomous vehicles using Pythagorean Hodograph Bézier curves Author: Choe, Ronald. Year: 2017. Download: pdf.
  17. L1 adaptive control with quantization and delay Author: Sun, Hui. Year: 2013. Download: pdf.
  18. L1 adaptive output-feedback control architectures Author: Kharisov, Evgeny. Year: 2013. Download: pdf.
  19. Guidance, control and estimation of autonomous vehicle systems Author: Li, Zhiyuan.Year: 2013. Download: pdf
  20. Time-critical cooperative path-following control of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles Author: Xargay Mata, Enric. Year: 2013 .Download: pdf.
  21. Closed-loop analysis and feedback design in the presence of limited information Author: Li, Dapeng. Year: 2011. Download: pdf.

Master Thesis

  1. Distributionally Robust L1  Adaptive Control for Nonlinear Ito Diffusion Processes Author: Sitao Zhang. Year: 2022. Download: pdf.
  2. Optimization of Crop Management with Reinforcement Learning, Imitation Learning, and Crop Simulations Author: Ran Tao. Year:2022. Download: pdf.
  3. Design and control of a compact aerial manipulation system with a Delta-type parallel robot Author: Barsi Haberfeld, Gabriel. Year: 2017 Download: pdf.
  4. Aerial manipulation for indoor applications Author: Jones, Robert Mitchell Year: 2017. Download: pdf.
  5. System identification for development of distributed electric propulsion vertical take-off vehicles Author: Patterson, Andrew Paul. Year: 2017 Download: pdf.
  6. Piecewise Bézier curve trajectory generation and control for quadrotors Author: Lakshmanan, Arun. Year: 2016. Download: pdf.
  7. A modular simulation environment for the improved dynamic simulation of multirotor unmanned aerial vehicles Author: Vervoorst, Jan Willem. Year: 2016. Download: pdf.
  8. Development of a pilot-in-the-loop flight simulator using NASA's transport class model Author: Ackerman, Kasey Year: 2014. Download: pdf.
  9. Pilot-in-the-loop simulated flight tests of a loss-of-control prediction and prevention system for NASA's Transport Class Model Author: Chongvisal, Thidarat. Year: 2014 Download: pdf.
  10. Integration of the GTM T2 model into a full sized simulator for human-in-the-loop testing Author: Pelech, Steven. Year: 2013 Download: pdf.
  11. Simulink toolbox for L1 adaptive control Author: Mehdi, Syed. Year: 2012 Download: pdf.
  12. Two new extensions to L1 adaptive control theory Author: Vanness, Justin Year: 2012 Download: pdf.
  13. A matlab-based toolbox for the simulation and design of L1 adaptive controllers Author: Gostin, Alan B. Year: 2010 Download: pdf.
  14. L1 adaptive control augmentation system for the X-48B Aircraft Author: Leman, Tyler J. Year: 2010 Download: pdf.


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