L1 Adaptive Control Theory: Guaranteed Robustness with Fast Adaptation

Time-Critical Cooperative Control of Autonomous Air Vehicles

Book Reviews

Reviews of the book L1 Adaptive Control Theory: Guaranteed Robustness with Fast Adaptation by N. Hovakimyan and C. Cao appeared in several magazines and journals:

  • American Mathematical Society by Bożenna Pasik-Duncan [pdf]
  • IEEE Control Systems Magazine by Frank L. Lewis [pdf]
  • AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics (Vol. 34, No. 4, July–August 2011) by Lena Valavani [pdf]
  • Zentralblatt (MATH 1214) by A. Świerniak [pdf]

Book Errata

Errata for the first printing of the book L1 Adaptive Control Theory: Guaranteed Robustness with Fast Adaptation by N. Hovakimyan and C. Cao can be downloaded here.

Thesis Download

The following list contains PHD and Master thesis conducted by students at ACRL. Click on the title to learn more about each thesis.

PHD Thesis

  1. Robust adaptive sampled-data control design for MIMO systems: applications in cyber-physical security Author: Jafarnejadsani, Hamidreza Year: 2018 Download: pdf
  2. Cooperative autonomous systems: motion planning and coordinated tracking control for multi-vehicle missions Author: Cichella, Venanzio Year: 2018 Download: pdf
  3. Collision avoidance for multi-vehicle cooperative missions Author: Mehdi, Syed Bilal Year: 2017 Download: pdf
  4. L1 adaptive control for nonlinear and non-square multivariable systems Author: Lee, Hanmin Year: 2017 Download: pdf
  5. Distributed cooperative trajectory generation for multiple autonomous vehicles using Pythagorean Hodograph Bézier curves Author: Choe, Ronald Year: 2017 Download: pdf
  6. L1 adaptive control with quantization and delay Author: Sun, Hui Year: 2013 Download: pdf
  7. L1 adaptive output-feedback control architectures Author: Kharisov, Evgeny Year: 2013 Download: pdf
  8. Guidance, control and estimation of autonomous vehicle systems Author: Li, Zhiyuan Year: 2013 Download: pdf
  9. Time-critical cooperative path-following control of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles Author: Xargay Mata, Enric Year: 2013 Download: pdf
  10. Closed-loop analysis and feedback design in the presence of limited information Author: Li, Dapeng Year: 2011 Download: pdf

Master Thesis

  1. Design and control of a compact aerial manipulation system with a Delta-type parallel robot Author: Barsi Haberfeld, Gabriel Year: 2017 Download:pdf
  2. Aerial manipulation for indoor applications Author: Jones, Robert Mitchell Year: 2017 Download: pdf
  3. System identification for development of distributed electric propulsion vertical take-off vehicles Author: Patterson, Andrew Paul Year: 2017 Download: pdf
  4. Piecewise Bézier curve trajectory generation and control for quadrotors Author: Lakshmanan, Arun Year: 2016 Download: pdf
  5. A modular simulation environment for the improved dynamic simulation of multirotor unmanned aerial vehicles Author: Vervoorst, Jan Willem Year: 2016 Download: pdf
  6. Development of a pilot-in-the-loop flight simulator using NASA's transport class model Author: Ackerman, Kasey Year: 2014 Download: pdf
  7. Pilot-in-the-loop simulated flight tests of a loss-of-control prediction and prevention system for NASA's Transport Class Model Author: Chongvisal, Thidarat Year: 2014 Download: pdf
  8. Integration of the GTM T2 model into a full sized simulator for human-in-the-loop testing Author: Pelech, Steven Year: 2013 Download: pdf
  9. Simulink toolbox for L1 adaptive control Author: Mehdi, Syed Year: 2012 Download: pdf
  10. Two new extensions to L1 adaptive control theory Author: Vanness, Justin Year: 2012 Download: pdf
  11. A matlab-based toolbox for the simulation and design of L1 adaptive controllers Author: Gostin, Alan B. Year: 2010 Download: pdf
  12. L1 adaptive control augmentation system for the X-48B Aircraft Author: Leman, Tyler J. Year: 2010 Download: pdf

Recent Papers

Please check the Google Scholar.

  • L1 adaptive sampled-data control for uncertain multi-input multi-output systems
    H Jafarnejadsani, H Lee, N Hovakimyan
    Automatica 103, 346-353
  • Collision Avoidance in Cooperative Missions: Bézier Surfaces for Circumnavigating Uncertain Speed Profiles
    SB Mehdi, R Choe, N Hovakimyan
    Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, 1-18
  • N Wan, D Li, N Hovakimyan A Simplified Approach to Analyze Complementary Sensitivity Trade-offs in Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Systems arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.09884
  • N Wan, D Li, N Hovakimyan Sensitivity Analysis of Continuous-Time Linear Control Systems subject to Control and Measurement Noise: An Information-Theoretic Approach arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.09882 2018
  • HJ Yoon, D Lee, N Hovakimyan Hidden Markov Model Estimation-Based Q-learning for Partially Observable Markov Decision Process arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.06401
  • X Wang, N Hovakimyan, L Sha RSimplex: A Robust Control Architecture for Cyber And Physical Failures
    ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems 2 (4), 27
  • T Marinho, M Amrouche, V Cichella, D Stipanović, N Hovakimyan Guaranteed Collision Avoidance Based on Line-of-Sight Angle and Time-to-Collision
    2018 Annual American Control Conference (ACC), 4305-4310
  • GB Haberfeld, D Sun, N Hovakimyan Stabilization and Optimal Trajectory Generation for a Compact Aerial Manipulation System with a Delta-type Parallel Robot
    2018 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), 1091-1100
  • D Lee, H Yoon, V Cichella, N Hovakimyan Stochastic Primal-Dual Algorithm for Distributed Gradient Temporal Difference Learning arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.07918 2018