Drones Featured at Aging 2.0 OPTIMIZE in San Francisco

October 18, 2016

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Aging 2.0 OPTIMIZE was created to address the issues with the aging process, in particular, the lack of good technology available for elderly people and caregivers. Among other industry leaders and entrepreneurs Dr. Hovakimyan was chosen to give one of the keynote talks, highlighting our research in human-robot interaction as it applies to prolonging the independence of the elderly. We also had the opportunity to demo some of our research in their Experience Zone over the three day event, flying one of our vehicles designed toward performing tasks like delivering medication and carrying household items.

The video above was part of Dr. Hovakimyan’s keynote talk, showing autonomous trajectory tracking using ultra-wide band localization, aerial manipulation, and other research. The video below is coverage of the event by CNBC Nightly Business Report, concluding with talk of our research and the potential for these vehicles to make a positive impact on aging people.

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Coverage of our research begins at 24:59